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Stages for Rent

Stage Mobil L

The Stage-Mobile L, at 20ft x 22ft is a great choice for small to medium size events.

This stage is perfect for rock bands, reviewing stand, event marketing, street festivals, DJ's, Front of House Mix Position, Camera Position, Live Broadcast Booth and endless functionable possibilities.

If you are looking for a decent size stage but have a limited budget this is the perfect stage for your event.


Weight 5730lbs
Length 27'
Width 8' 3"
Height 11' 10"


Total Space
Length 22' 4"
Width 20'8"
Stage Height 3'6"
Roof Height 15'
Floor Load 100lbs / sq ft

Insallation time: 1 Stagehand / 30 minutes

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Stage Mobil XLR

The XLR Mobile Stage, at 30ft x 20ft is a one of a kind stage, it has  a curved roof grid and it`s the only one of its kind in the world.

This stge is a great choice for Concerts, Festivals, School Events, City Eavents and much more.

If you are looking for  a very unique stage for your event, this is the one for you.


Weight   7720lbs
Length   35'
Width     8' 4"
Height    13' 


Total Space
Length   30'
Width    20'
Stage Height   4' 6"
Roof Height    17' 9"
Floor Load 100lbs/sq ft

Insallation time    1 Stagehand/40 minutes
Load Bearing 2000lbs Main Roof
Sound Wings 2000lbs/side

Stagemobil XLR